AD+Sign Pro

A Element is a configurable block of digital signage content that can be added to a Page. Different types of Elements have different purposes.

Element Type Description
Media Library A media library works like a slideshow, cycling through images and video in a group. A Media Library Element can cycle through many Media Libraries one after the other.
RSS Feed When an RSS Feed URL is specified, this element displays the RSS feed text contents on a Page.
HTML Insert HTML content straight onto your Page. From simple things like text and headings, to <iframes> hosting interactive applications.
Text A rich-text element allowing for customisation of font, size, colour and alignment properties
iFrame A way to embed other web content into your AD+Sign digital signage
Canva Design A quick way to embed designs from Canva into your AD+Sign digital signage
YouTube Embed YouTube videos into your AD+Sign digital signage
Current Weather Specify a location and show current weather data in your AD+Sign digital signage
Weather Forecast Display a 5-day forecast for a given location in your AD+Sign digital signage
Digital Clock Show the current time in your AD+Sign digital signage in your chosen format
Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Specify an area for the HDMI passthrough on your AD+Sign Player

Using Elements

Navigate to the Canvas of the Page you wish to add a Element to.

Adding a Element

To add a Element to the Page, click the icon button in the Elements Panel. You can add a Media Library to the Page using the photograph icon . The Element will be added to the Page and shall appear in the Canvas.

Selecting Elements

You can select a Element by clicking on it, either on the canvas or in the Elements portion of the Properties Panel. It will highlight with an orange outline when selected.

Moving Elements

Elements can be moved by clicking and dragging it into position on the canvas. Alternatively, you can use the X and Y coordinates in the Element Properties when the Element is selected. Here you can type the pixel coordinates of where you'd like to place the Element.

A Element's X and Y coordinates refer to the top-left corner of the Element's bounding box.

Resizing Elements

Elements can be resized using the W and H values in the Elements Properties when the Element is selected. These values refer to the Width and Height of a Element in pixels.

Remove Elements

Remove a element by finding it in the Elements portion of the Properties Panel and clicking the button.

Application screenshot with a highlighted square on a canvas, with text inputs in the top-right corner showing its new position and size
A moved and resized Media Library Element

Applying Changes

To ensure that your changes are applied to the Player, click the Apply button. This will save your changes and will be reflected immediately in the Player Preview.

Your changes may take a few minutes to appear on your DS-1 Player and its connected player while it polls for new content changes.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Elements

Picture-in-Picture Elements will appear as blank rectangles in Page Previews and will always appear above any other Elements on a Page.

This is because the displaying of a PIP Element is handled by the AD+Sign DS-1 Player

iFrame Elements

iFrame Elements allow you to embed other web content within your signage like Social Media feeds from Seenspire or Walls.io, to fully interactive applications like PowerBI Dashboards.

Add an iFrame Element using the button.