Simple adverts and signs straight from your phone to your display

We provide a performance-driven solution to help you motivate, stimulate and engage your customers.

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How our free app works

What Ad-Sign can do for you

Ad-Sign triggers impulse, influences buying decisions, informs, excites and persuades.

Photo of screen in clothes shop window
  • Grab your customers' attention and curiosity with stunning digital content, made in minutes. Show consumers why you are head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Ad-Sign provides you with to tools to inform, excite and persuade your customers with creative ways of presenting solutions to their problems, wants and needs.
  • Easily create bespoke and professional signage imagery, using your own media, to build trust between your customers and your business.
  • Send instant updates to your displays, informing your audience of new offers and promotions. No delays in communicating with your audience.
  • The Ad-Sign solution is perfect for stores, waiting areas or hospitality, all straight from your phone or tablet.

All you need to enhance your small business

  • Ready in minutes

    Ad-Sign comes complete with a ready made selection of templates or you can create your own. Bespoke signage is just a few taps away.

  • Use your own photos

    Take a picture or video on your phone, overlay some text in our app and save. Quickly create some slides, configure your transitions and deploy.*

  • Already investing in social media marketing?

    You can use the same content for your Ad-Sign signage. Capture attention with clear digital signs and the ability to update them immediately.

  • All from your phone

    With no expensive servers to maintain, our solution means that you only pay as much as you need to.

  • No limits on displays

    There's no charge for using multiple displays. With an HDMI splitter, you can connect your Ad-Sign Player to as many screens as you like.

  • No-tricks Pricing

    Ad-Sign is like no other solution - no monthly fees, no licences to buy, no free trial with limited functionality. A one-off cost of an Ad-Sign Player and off you go!

* Requires the Ad-Sign Player and phone to be on same WiFi network during upload

Meet the Ad-Sign Player

Front view of the Ad-Sign DS-1 Player



Rear view of the Ad-Sign DS-1 Player

The Ad-Sign Player is a powerful digital signage player combining a small form-factor footprint with the Ad-Sign app. Flexible, customisable media can be deployed from your smartphone, quickly providing striking visual content on any digital display or TV.

A fully retail-ready solution for you to pick up and go!

The Ad-Sign Player is compatible with any display with an HDMI port, saving you money!

Simple, no-tricks pricing

No monthly fees. No software licenses. No limited trials.


one-time purchase,

everything you need
  • A powerful Digital Signage player, allowing you to reach your audience on any HDMI display.

  • A free user-friendly app that has you deploying bespoke content in minutes

  • Pay once, use forever. No recurring fees or hidden costs.

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