Manage and deploy beautiful and bespoke Digital Signage content anywhere

Ad-Sign Pro is a browser-based cloud platform designed to make it easy to deploy feature-rich digital signage content to multiple locations.

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Powerful Content Scheduling

Our Rules can be applied to content elements or individual media to help you schedule and conditionally display your content.

  • Day of the Week - Show on selected days, between two given times
  • Date and Time - Show between two specified dates and times
  • Player has Tag - Only display if the Player has a chosen Tag assigned

For example, Rules can be used to ensure that a particular image is only displayed in June; on Thursdays between 13:00 and 18:00; only if the Player has a Tag called "Thursday Afternoons".

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Organisation Management

Invite your colleagues to your Organisation via email to collaborate on your signage campaigns.

  • Your content is stored for your Organisation in a shared workspace, so working together is a breeze
  • Utilise our User Roles to specify permissions for your users, maintaining control over what they can access.
  • Take advantage of Global Resources to make it easy to work with company materials
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Rapid Deployment

Quickly deploy your content updates to all of your Players at once.

Use our Global Content features to create signage content that can be edited in one place, but shared across multiple players.

Quickly search and filter your Players, select them and deploy your beautiful content in just a few clicks

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Only pay for what you need

We offer tiered pricing to ensure that you are getting the best value for money


£299 DS-1 Player required

FREE use of Ad-Sign Pro for 1 player
  • A powerful Digital Signage player, allowing you to reach your audience on any HDMI display.

  • Access to Ad-Sign Pro, a cloud platform for deploying beautiful and feature-rich signage content

  • Pay once, use forever. No recurring fees or hidden costs.

£99 p/a

£99 Per Additional Player, Per Year

Pay no cloud fees on your first Player
  • Master deployment-at-scale with our Tags and Rules features

  • Use our Global Resources to make maximum impact with minimal effort

  • No cloud fees for your first Player. 30 Day free trial when adding your next


Custom pricing for large orders

FREE use of Ad-Sign Pro for 1 player
  • Custom order-based annual fees depending on your solution requirements

  • Priority technical support tailored to your business needs