Getting Started: AD+Sign Pro

AD+Sign Pro

AD+Sign Pro is a browser-based cloud platform designed to make it easy to deploy feature-rich digital signage content to multiple AD+Sign DS-1 Players.

We are constantly working to improve AD+Sign Pro, so you may find that your screen may look slightly different to what is represented in this guide. This guide will still provide you with all you need to efficiently manage your digital signage content.

Quick Reference

Name Description
Players Digital representations of your physical AD+Sign DS-1 Player

The area where your content is displayed, belonging to a Player. A Page has:

  • Width & Height - Size (in pixels) of your display area, typically the same as your connected display
  • Background Colour - The colour of the page background
  • Text Colour - The default colour of the page's text content
Element Blocks of configurable content which come together to form signage on a Page