Deploy professional Digital Signage straight from your smartphone

The Ad-Sign App provides you with the tools to engage and excite your customers with bespoke digital signage created from your phone

Deploying digital signage using the free Ad-Sign App

Curated, Editable Templates

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we provide over 140 templates for you to adapt to suit your business needs

  • Our templates cover dozens of categories - from bakeries to mechanics, dentists to florists, we'll have a template for you.
  • Create your own templates by uploading videos and images, creating truly bespoke digital signage specific to your business.
  • Upload your customised templates to our cloud to share them with your friends or colleagues.

Use our templates to quickly create some slides, configure your transitions and deploy.

Smartphone app screenshot showing a "New Template" page containing a highlighted photo

HDMI Picture-in-Picture

Use the Ad-Sign Player's HDMI Input to combine your digital signage with an HDMI source, advertising your business around customer-focused content.

Plug in external video players such as set-top boxes, media players ot anything with an HDMI signal

The external video is displayed as a Picture-in-Picture overlay within your signage, expanding your signage potential

Smartphone app screenshot showing page titled "Edit P-i-P" with settings for configuring a screen

Sharing Content

Use our quick in-app content previews to view exactly how your content will look on the Ad-Sign Player

Upload your previews to the cloud to share content with your friends or colleagues and gather feedback

Smartphone app screenshot showing a page titled "Preview Online", showing a 5-digit code and a webpage link

Get the App

Use the Links below to find the free Ad-Sign App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

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Complete Signage System with Free Digital Signage App


one-time purchase,

everything you need
  • A powerful Digital Signage player, allowing you to reach your audience on any HDMI display.

  • A free user-friendly app that has you deploying bespoke content in minutes

  • Pay once, use forever. No recurring fees or hidden costs.

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