Getting Started: AD+Sign DS-1



The Centro DS-1 is a powerful digital signage player combining a small form-factor footprint with DemoPad’s standalone AD+Sign app or leading-edge cloud management platform. Flexible, customisable media can be deployed locally or via online resources, quickly providing striking visual content on any digital display or TV. Perfect for commercial applications, the DS-1 can integrate image slideshows, local HDMI sources, network media, Cloud files and live messages to create a fully-complete, professional Digital Signage experience.

  • Read safety information & installation guidelines. Find a safe home for your AD+Sign product.
  • Attempts to remove product casings could result in electrical shock. Please do not attempt to repair the device. In the event of product service requirements, please contact DemoPad Software Ltd. or another authorized reseller for service procedures. Any unauthorised attempt to repair the product or attempts to replace components with non-approved parts will invalidate the product warranty. For full warranty conditions please visit
  • For more product information please contact

Quick Reference

Spec Sheet: Download the DS-1 spec sheet for detailed product specifications

Setup requirements: Setup the DS-1 using the AD+Sign app

Download from the App StoreDownload from the Google Play store

Default network mode: Ethernet port enabled, IP assigned via DHCP

DS-1 MAC Address: Printed on the underside of the DS-1 chassis

Photograph of upturned device with a red box highlighting a label
Underside of an AD+Sign DS-1